The Keeler Z Series

The Z series lower illumination Slit Lamps feature the top quality optics and great value you have come to expect from Keeler.
Keeler optics paired with a unique LED illumination system featuring 360 degree slit rotation and with all the filters and apertures you’ll need.


Included as standard are the 1mm square aperture for uveitis assessment, a yellow fluorescein barrier filter and the ability to decouple or offset the slit.

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  • Keeler optics
  • British built
  • Stylish and contemporary design
  • Converging or parallel binoculars
  • 14mm Slit length / maximum aperture
  • 5 step or 3 step magnification systems (X 6 to x 40 or X 10 to X 25)
  • Blue, red-free, clear, neutral density and diffuser filters
  • 360 degree continuous slit rotation
  • Slit offset / decoupling
  • Integrated yellow barrier filter
  • 1m Square aperture for Uveitis assessment
  • LED illumination
  • Illumination control mounted next to joystick
  • 3 year warranty

Options and choices

3 Step or 5 Step

Available with either a 3 step drum change for 10 x to 25 x magnifications or a 5 step drum change for x 6 to x 40 magnifications.

Converging or Parallel binoculars

Traditionally most Slit Lamp users prefer converging binoculars, but, many will prefer parallel binoculars for longer procedures or if they have used parallel systems in the past.  We offer you the choice of either option.


Whether for patient or patient family education or for clinical record keeping digital systems are growing in popularity at an increasing pace.  

The Z Series Digital has our own Camera / Beamsplitter system, joystick trigger, on board camera controls, a diffuser and integral background illumination system.

Features - Digital version

  • Feature and function rich Kapture Lite Video software
  • Trigger function on joystick
  • Camera exposure controls on Slit Lamp base
  • LED fibre optic background illumination system
  • USB 2 Camera and beam splitter system
  • USB hub integrated in Slit Lamp base
  • LED illumination
  • Illumination control mounted next to joystick
  • 3 year warranty

Exceptional Optics

“The Slit Lamp has excellent optics and represents excellent value for money - highly recommended”

Mr. Eric Ezra, Director of Vitreoretinal Surgery, Moorfields Eye Hospital

Market leaders

Keeler is renowned for market-leading optics and has been dedicated to optical design and manufacture for nearly 100 years.

Customer confidence

Our customers have absolute confidence in the quality, accuracy and reliability our optical design delivers.

Advanced manufacturing

Our advanced design and manufacturing techniques give Keeler Slit Lamp the advantage of quite simply stunning optical performance.


Keeler Z series Slit Lamps

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2414-P-2010, D-KAT Digital Tonometer Z Type

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