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Making Sense of Slit Lamps

What is a slit lamp? Our detailed 'Making Sense of Slit Lamps' guide includes detailed step by step approaches to setting up and using a slit lamp, as well different methods of observation and use. Additionally included are useful anatomical diagrams of the human eye and the slit lamp. Download our guide now to learn how to get the most from your slit lamp.

Making Sense of Slit Lamp Servicing

With kind permission from Orbis and Ismael Cordero we have prepared a simple guide to Slit Lamp servicing so that you can keep your valuable Slit Lamp in good working order.  This is not intended to replace a factory service manual or remove the need for regular professional servicing, but if you don't have easy access to these then we hope this helps.

Making Sense of Lens Cleaning

Many ophthalmic devices have optical components such as windows, lenses, mirrors, filters, and prisms; even very small irregularities (such as scratches) can cause unwanted scattering of light which reduces quality.

The surfaces of lenses, prisms, and windows are often coated with an anti-reflective layer to prevent loss of light due to reflection. Mirrors have a highly reflecting coating to get maximum reflection of light. Filters have coatings to cut out undesired wavelengths. The coatings are very thin and delicate and can be damaged by improper handling and cleaning.

By following these suggestions, you will help ensure that all of the optical surfaces in your eye care equipment perform optimally.


Courtesy of Ocular Care Journal we have made available a useful paper by Stephen D. Anesi, MD, and C. Stephen Foster, MD which looks at the causes, diagnosis and treatment of anterior uveitis and associated conditions such as: iritis, cataract, glaucoma and anterior chamber cell and flare. This paper is an invaluable read and the main reason we include the 1mm square aperture on our PSL (Portable Slit Lamp) and the Symphony Slit Lamp.

It is revealed that a slit lamp examination alone can uncover subtle findings that may tip the scale when weighing the evidence for uveitis diagnosis.

Examples of anterior chamber cells and flare images courtsey of Tim Woolley:

  • Uveitis flare
  • Uveitis flare
  • Uveitis flare
  • Uveitis flare
  • Uveitis flare

Slit Lamp Instructions For Use (IFU)

Not quite sure? Download the IFU, if that doesn't answer your question take a look at the FAQs.

What the experts say

"I would suggest that LED sources should now be considered the standard for Slit Lamps"
Bill Harvey, clinical Editor, Optician Journal.

Take a look at the full article and see what Bill Harvey has to say about the Symphony Slit Lamp.